Music and Lyrics by
Doug Goodwin ASCAP
Music and Lyrics by
Doug Goodwin ASCAP

Let's join together as AMERICANS ....
Let's work together as AMERICANS ....
Let's hold together .... Let's stand together ....

(1st verse)
Let's lighten up on politics,the cheap shots and the dirty tricks
and let's join together as AMERICANS

The left,the right,the middle too,have got their faults like me and you
but let's work together as AMERICANS

There are but few other places whether far or near
where we can do and say and think the things we do right here

So let's agree to disagree like thinking people do
and let's stand together as AMERICANS

(2nd verse)
For those of us who criticize the way our leaders lead
we feel that keeps us stronger as AMERICANS

To not express opinions would be far the worse indeed
'cause seeking justice is the duty of AMERICANS

We are a land of individuals, and in the things we do
we must respect each others right to voice their own point of view

So let's accept our differences as that which keeps us great
and thank our lucky stars that we're AMERICANS

(3rd verse)
There are some out there who want to break our Spirit and our drive
but they don't stand a chance 'cause we're AMERICANS

We've fought a lot of bitter fights to keep our Liberty alive
and we'll keep on fightin' as AMERICANS

We've got the best of the best here in the U.S.A.
but if we take it all for granted, it might slip away

So no matter where we come from and no matter what our name
let's show the world that we're UNITED as AMERICANS

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